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The future is full of opportunities for companies. Digital transformation, megatrends and technological change are shaping the companies of tomorrow. This change is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs from all industries and sectors. Open innovation processes, future-proof positioning and a digital mindset are the keys to digitization and your success in the future. Together I want to sharpen your company profile and make you future-proof in all your operations. With my team, we will not only show you the opportunities of the future, we will craft them with you so that you and your employees will be a pioneer in your industry for decades to come. Let us sharpen your profile together and make you a "Future Craftsman".


Together we will work on your future.

In order to create the greatest benefit from the future, companies need to rethink. Borders are merging in the digital age. Innovation processes become more cross-company through the open innovation approach.

Competitors of the past can be partners of the future and disruptors, whether from within their own company or from start-ups, bring new momentum into your business processes.

Through my proven P.R.O.F.I.L.E. system and the S.H.A.P.E. method, my team and I will work with you to find the right niche, strategy and technology. Through my broad international network, I identify the right sparring partners for your innovations and implementations. Together we will not only establish a future-oriented innovation culture in your company, but also a completely new profile, which will emphasize you in communication.



How we are positioned for the future lies in our own hands. It depends on our positioning and the optimal strategy for the digital transformation. Whether you are a medium-sized company that wants to explore new opportunities or a corporation that wants to understand the synergies of spin-offs, start-ups or competition better - I will give you and your projects the appropriate profile to become a pioneer of the digital future.

Alexander Pinker
Innovation-Profiler & Future Strategist

Gründer von Alexander Pinker - Innovation-Profiling

Looking into the future needs an observer with vision. I am an innovation profiler, future strategist and start-up expert. Born in 1989, I have been active in the innovation sector for years and as an international expert in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Latvia. My vision is to prepare companies for the world of tomorrow and to take their fear of the future from them.

During my studies I founded the "Medialist Innovation Group" in 2011, which today focuses on trend scouting and digital mindsetting.
Today, I am an expert in the field of future strategy and innovation management and help companies to sharpen their innovation profile, to facilitate cooperation with start-ups and competitors and to design internal spin-offs efficiently.

This is made possible by my many years of work at GMM AG, where I worked as a project manager for multimedia and new technologies, and my voluntary work as a board member of the Startup Network SUN e.V. In order to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in Germany, I have been working for SUN since 2015 to support active and future founders, entrepreneurs in various phases of their company foundation. The association currently has around 1,000 members throughout Europe.

Since 2019, I have also been active as a Foresight expert at Futures Space and, together with other future experts from all over the world, have been shaping the future landscape. Since 2017, I have been a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in "Innovation and Trend Management".
2018 my first book " Innovate Retail - Innovation Technologies and Digital Strategies for Retailers" was published by Disserta Verlag.


As an innovation profiler and future strategist, I work on projects that support my vision of a future-oriented world.
Here is an excerpt from my current activities...

"Medialist - Innovation-Profiling" is a news site that I launched in 2013. It specializes in trend scouting, mindsetting, digitalization and innovation. The News Service presents and highlights the latest trends and innovations in technology, business and marketing. The articles are intended to help readers gain an understanding of current trends and developments and assess their significance for their own lives and business.

The Foresight experts at Futures Space, of which I am a member, guide and support companies in identifying and recognizing upcoming challenges and future developments in their field of interest and in accompanying them on a journey into the future. We help our clients not only to prepare themselves solidly and constructively for the future on the basis of experience, concrete methods and approaches, but also to actively shape it.

The Startup Network SUN, of which I have been a board member since 2015, connects people interested in founding a company with startups, mentors and investors and enables a trustful exchange with like-minded people. Currently, the initiative has around 1,000 members and alumni of the 13 German scholarship organizations. Our mission is to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our members and to support them in the founding process.


I will support you in defining your innovation profile!


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