Future trends and innovations must be tailored to the respective company. During an Innovation Day, employees, department heads and management can work together on new business processes and incorporate innovative technologies and trends.

Within one day or a whole series of events I help you and your employees to gain a better understanding of the future and to develop innovative ideas and processes which you can integrate into your daily business in the next step. All events are tailor-made for you and your individual requirements.


Together with my team I will give you and your employees an overview of current technologies, new means of communication and future trends. A one-day innovation event can look like this:


Welcome to the Innovation Day

Presentation of the objectives and topics of the day, e.g: Developing and promoting new competitive situations, disruption of the own company, innovation culture.

Impulse lecture

Short lecture on the business world of tomorrow.
Goal: Raising participants' awareness of the new challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and technologies.

From the present to the future

This exercise should help you to leave the comfort zone and to think beyond your own limits. New technologies will be introduced and the participants can directly develop business models or prototypes.

Impulse lecture

Short lecture on technology in companies of tomorrow.
Goal: Presentation of the possibilities and implementation chances of new technologies.

Developing future visions for the company

From the ideas and prototypes collected in the previous exercise, the best future visions are selected and refined.

Pitching of project ideas

In this phase, the pitch occurs. The teams present their ideas and the corresponding goals and target groups in a maximum of five minutes.

Next steps and wrap-up

At the end of the innovation day, the next steps are recorded in a roadmap and handed over to the participants or superiors.

An event with a future

The aim of the entire innovation event is to develop a roadmap to ensure that the efforts of the participants do not go unnoticed. The ideas are then documented and summarized for the management. This creates a collection of the best ideas, together with impressions from the workshop that make an impression.

This type of documentation is particularly important in order to show the other employees in the company how the innovation is created. Therefore I optionally offer a short film about the workshop, including interviews with the participants and impressions from the individual sessions.


Let's talk about possible event concepts!

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