It's time for a new way of thinking in your day-to-day business. What companies need to get is that a few reports or a single training course don't really change a company's culture. But they are a first step! Digitization and focusing on current trends and technologies is a long-term endeavor. An innovation culture therefore requires not only a flexible and open-minded management, but also a constant and timely sensitivity of the employees.

My team and I know how difficult it is to find the time to think outside the box in the stressful business world and with all the important responsibilities. But if you don't grasp this opportunity, you can quickly lose touch as an entrepreneur. To support you, we offer compact and tailor-made trend and innovation workshops.


Ideation Workshops

Visions Workshops

User Journey Workshops

Open Innovation Workshops

Change Workshops

Identifying and utilizing future trends

With an external perspective and years of experience as a service provider for a wide variety of companies, I work with you to determine your potential and develop a future strategy. Depending on the phase you are in, there are different objectives. Whether it is the recognition of potentials in innovations and megatrends and the development of innovative ideas through them.

Be it the sensibilisation of your employees and executives or the development of communication strategies for the digitalisation of your processes. At the end of the workshops, the participants should have a passion for the world of tomorrow. Fear of the future is systematically reduced and potentials are identified. This is the best way to lead your company into the world of tomorrow.

Your Goals

No matter what challenge you face, I will help you on your way into the business world of tomorrow...

  • Transformation of your company
  • Discover ideas and innovation potentials
  • Sharpen your profile as an innovator
  • Building a culture of innovation
  • Cooperation with partners and spin-offs

Your Benefits

My workshops should lead you into the future. At the end you should take the following with you...

  • Understanding of trends and innovations
  • Promotion of an openness towards the future
  • Set-up of a Future Mindset
  • Development of future scenarios
  • Modernisation of the company and its culture

Target groups

It is up to you to shape the future of your company. My workshops are for executives who...

  • ...want to position themselves and their teams in a sustainable and innovative way
  • ...want to use digital change as an opportunity
  • ...want to help shape the future
  • ...who want to learn more about digital technologies


Contact me and let us talk about the possibilities!