In today's business world, new factors are important. The corporate landscape is becoming increasingly digital, faster and more diverse. Today, dynamics and agility are often the keys to corporate success. Entrepreneurs need to rethink, because tomorrow's winners are those who actively shape the future.

Whether through collaboration with start-ups, spin-offs or with competitors or with Innovation Labs- these are methods that enable companies to reinvent and reposition themselves. Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from this type of cooperation and can actively shape the world of tomorrow.

Developing a mutual understanding with the S.H.A.P.E. method

In order for successful collaboration between companies and create an Innovation Lab, an understanding of the corporate culture and innovation goals of the other company is required. I show my clients how they can cooperate with their spin-offs, start-ups or competitors to develop groundbreaking innovations in partnership.



Develop an understanding for your partners and define common innovation goals for your projects.


Define a common roadmap and establish priorities and corporate structures.


Establish communication channels and conduct regular feedback meetings. Openness and transparency are key here.


Work together on the future of your project and hold joint workshops and appointments where you can shape your innovations together.


Innovation takes time and the partnership must also be cultivated over a longer period of time. Therefore, build cross-company innovation communities that contribute to continuous further development.

Mediation for Startup and Corporate

The possibilities for networks and cooperation between established SMEs, competitors and start-ups are manifold. I will help you to find the right partner for your future strategy. As with all my activities, partnership plays a role! It must be understood at an early stage what the advantages are for the cooperating companies and what the difference between the different types of company brings with it. Companies have to understand that sometimes smaller companies have different processes and values that have to be adhered to.

On the other hand, companies have to realize that start-ups and spin-offs are companies that are just inventing themselves. Their business model changes frequently and is dynamic. The fixed structures found in SMEs and in corporate groups are therefore sometimes an obstacle in the development process of young entrepreneurs and also in the cooperation between the two types of companies. SMEs have to engage in the experiment and show consideration for each other. This is the only way to achieve successful cooperation.

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