4th July 2019

German Angst - Why Germany needs a culture of innovation
12min.me Munich

Our country is undergoing radical change, but how can we establish a culture of innovation in Germany and become a digital pioneer in Europe and the world? In this lecture at 12min.me I will take a look at international pioneers, such as Estonia, and point out eGovernment measures and recommendations for action there.

As innovation profiler and future strategist I will show the visitors of 12min.me what stumbling blocks there are and how to lead the country into the future.

27th June 2019

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Young Textiles Congress 2019 "From Tradition to Innovation" in St. Gallen, Switzerland

The textile industry will change fundamentally in the next few years. Innovations will find their way into production processes, but also into products, making them more intelligent, versatile and unique. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in particular will play a major role in this.

Under the motto " From tradition to innovation", the Young Textiles Congress on 27 June 2019 invites visitors to St. Gallen, Switzerland, to see how the world's oldest industries can approach innovation. As a strategist for the future, I will show the participants how AR and VR will change their business.

09. May 2019

Education 2030
International Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" in Jelgava, Lettland

What will education look like at the universities of the future? Which factors will shape the subjects of study and which technological and social trends will determine the world of tomorrow? At the International Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" in Jelgava, Latvia I will take the participants on a journey into the future.

As an innovation profiler and future strategist, I will show visitors to the conference insights into augmented reality, virtual reality and the seven rules of the future that will enable them to shape the future of their universities.

04. April 2019

Project Manager 2030
PMI Denmark - Copenhagen

The year 2030. What will our world look like? Has our life been completely digitalized by then, or have we, perhaps even intentionally, retained a touch of analogy? If managers don't change their way of thinking, they can't properly perceive and interpret new situations. In addition, both new skills and new tools are needed.

Further information on the keynote speech on Project Manager 2030 - Disruption of Project Management at the Project Management Conference in Copenhagen.

30. November 2018

Education 4.0
International Conference on Education in Vienna

Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, immersive media and big data-based learning software change not only the everyday school and study life of learners, but also that of teachers. Educators must adapt to new, digitally enriched learning approaches that prepare their pupils and students for the world of tomorrow.

Further information on the keynote speech and the workshop on Education 4.0 at the International Conference on Education in Vienna.

16. June 2018

Market Niches – Recognizing Potentials in the Age of Bitcoin and Blockchain

The age of Bitcoin and Blockchain holds enormous potential for companies - be it in the context of new lucrative market niches or creative, revolutionary innovations that can be developed not only in the technical sector but also in the service sector.

But how can such "slumbering" potentials be identified and used for the business growth of one's own company?

Further information on the event at the Henley Business School Campus.

19. April 2018

The Digital Future
Automation Conference 2018

Technologies such as augmented reality, 3D printing and artificial intelligence are on the rise in times of the fourth industrial revolution. In my presentation "The digital future - how data, automation and trends change your work" at the "Automatisierungstagung 2018" at the Weihenstephan Institute for Grain Research at the Technical University of Munich, I show experts from the food industry and industry the potential that the world of tomorrow brings with it.

Further information on the performance at the Automation Conference 2018.

05. March 2018

Looking for the Traces of Change
Henley Business School Germany

The future is determined by our actions. More and more companies are recognizing a digital shift and deciding that they must move with the times to avoid disappearing from the scene sooner or later. My mission as an innovation profiler and futurist is to sensitize companies not to hide behind old processes, but to openly approach the world of tomorrow. With the lecture "Looking for the Traces of Change" at Monday@Henley at the Henley Business School Germany I wanted to inspire the participants of the future and motivate them to play a central role in it.

Further information on the keynote speech at the Henley Business School in Munich.

12. January 2018

Crime scene future - the future of work
stuzubi 2018

The future is digital. In tomorrow's world of work, new skills and knowledge count. Our corporate world is like a crime scene. That's why I gave visitors to the nationwide career fair stuzubi an insight into the tools of digital change. At the " Crime Scene Future ", Innovation Profiling helps in the search for the appropriate trend movements of the working world of the future and makes them tangible and understandable.

Further information about the speech at the stuzubi 2018.

18. November 2017

Virtual Reality – A Technology to Dream
HSS – Media Conference

Dreaming with eyes open. This is virtual reality. Virtual Reality fulfills a dream that people have had for a long time. Without effort you can go anywhere you want. Whether in a foreign country or a fantasy world. With VR dreams come true. This sounds like an advertising slogan now, but you look at these scenes from the Google Daydream experiment alone, we quickly recognize how close we are to dreaming in the virtual world.

VR allows us to dive into this virtual world with the help of such glasses. The environment around you is faded out and replaced by the virtual world that tries to depict a form of reality. Or in short VR is a virtual world full of real objects.

Further information on the appearance at the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation's media conference can be found here.

16. November 2017

Digital Living
digina 2017

In the 21st century we are in the midst of a revolution - a data revolution. The number of companies, organizations and institutions using large data solutions today has exploded in recent years, as has the amount of data collected. The digina, co-organized by Alexander Pinker, considered the exploitation of this data in the context of digital life and digital afterlife.

For those entrusted with the collection and preservation of cultural digital heritage, the urgent question is what of these vast amounts of material is to be preserved for future generations and how it can be selected and preserved. As a result of this trend, there are significant changes - some are obvious, while others are under the surface. In my presentation at digina 2017, which took place at Microsoft Germany, I took visitors on a journey through the world of data.

Further information about the lecture at the conference on digital life and digital heritage digina, which I co-organized, can be found here.

25. October 2017

Innovation Profiling
MedienCampus site at the Media Days 2017

Companies are increasingly confronted with the challenges of a digital future. The classic activities that they have been pursuing for years are often no longer sufficient for digital and fast-moving customers. A paradigm shift is taking place in many areas and companies are looking to the start-ups that are exemplifying their innovative spirit and dynamism.

As an innovation profiler, I was able to take the visitors on a journey into the future. "Innovation-Profiling - Crime Scene Future" shows the diversity of my developed profiling model.

Further information about my keynote speech and workshop at the MedienCampus site of the Media Days 2017 can be found here.

07. February 2017

Digital Innovation of the Event Industry
3rd Munich Event Day

There is a digital jolt going through the event industry. The topics of digital transformation and digital innovation are as indispensable for the organizers of trade fairs and conferences as they are for the other industries. They must always reinvent and develop themselves. The trade fair visitor and his added value at a glance.

Under the motto "High Tech vs. High Touch - the guest counts", visitors to the "Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft" were able to gain an insight into technological options and possible applications.

More information about my speech at the 3rd Munich Event Day can be found here.