The future is determined by our actions. An increasing number of companies are recognizing a digital shift and decide that they must move with the times to avoid disappearing from the scene sooner or later. But before the learnt processes can be reconstructed or the bold step into a new, digital and innovative future can be taken, an understanding of tomorrow's world must evolve.

An insight into my keynotes and lectures

A journey into the future

As an innovation profiler, future strategist and start-up expert, I want to inspire companies to look into the future. It is important to understand current trends and technologies and to use them. On various events I have already taken the guests on a journey into the world of tomorrow.

In order to take a diverse, inspiring and entertaining look at the future, I take up examples from my work as an innovation profiler and explain trends to my audience using tangible examples from everyday life and the business world. In this way, the guests of your event can prepare themselves for the future.

Technologies & Trends

My lectures will help you to prepare your company for the world of tomorrow. They will give you an insight into the technologies and trends of tomorrow.

  • Innovation-Profiling: Crime Scene Future
  • Virtual Reality: Technology of Dreaming
  • Robotics: Opportunities for automation
  • Digital life: From everyday life into the future
  • Trends: Ready for the future

Culture of innovation

Change begins with the mindset. My speeches on the culture of innovation will help you to recognize and use the opportunities of the future.

  • Future Mind: Developing an Innovative Mindset
  • Germany: Land of Innovation?
  • Innovations in retail
  • Recognising future opportunities
  • Project Management 2030

Individual Keynotes

This was just a small extract of my keynotes about the future, technologies and start-ups. Contact me and we will find your topic.

  • Tailored to your event
  • Close to your visitors
  • Entertaining and with aha effect
  • For trade fairs, conferences or internal events

Feedback on my keynotes and lectures

Among the events where I was able to take the visitors on a journey through the world of trends and innovation are the MedienCampus area of the Media Days Munich, the Automation Conference 2018 in Weihenstephan, the Berlin Summit "Future Tech" of SUN e.V. in the Factory Berlin, the 3rd MedienCampus Conference in the "Factory Berlin", the "Future Tech" of SUN e.V. in the "Factory Berlin", the "MedienCampus" in the "Factory Berlin", the "MedienCampus" in the "Factory Berlin". Event day at the Haus der bayerischen Wirtschaft, the conference on digital life "digina" at Microsoft Germany, the International Education Conference in Vienna, the "Passion of the Profession" conference of PMI Denmark, the Leadership Events of Henley Business School and many more.


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