If you look at the current press, you cannot avoid it: the coronavirus. However, the pandemic known as COVIT-19 is not only affecting people in their everyday lives, but also educational institutions, which must maintain the status quo despite new challenges. Despite all the difficulties of the present day, innovation processes and further training must

The coronavirus is keeping the world in suspense. While many companies are looking for new ways to keep their business running, the home office in particular is a frequently chosen method of motivating employees to keep working. However, working in virtual teams also requires learning and the home office offers many temptations that make an

Making the future tangible. This is the mission of Futures Space! As a collaborative network of futurists with individual focuses and experiences, we bring our perspectives to the various projects. We support companies and organizations in identifying upcoming challenges and future developments in their field of interest. We take companies on a journey of transformation

  We are heading into a new decade. Technology has entered every area of our lives in the 2010s. Now we need to integrate these technologies even more seamlessly into our everyday lives and further develop the foundations we have laid in recent years.   Innovation profiler and future strategist Alexander Pinker, which trends will

Digital Mind Change – A platform for lateral thinkers, visionaries and anyone who challenges the status quo of digitization. A conference to question, rethink and tackle. And it was exactly on this mindset that I wanted to set up my workshop on 24 October 2019 at the Digital Mind Change vol. 3. In the BMW

On 31 October 2019, Futures Space will present another Night of the Futures at betahaus Neukölln, this time on the future of the Smart Home. Our speakers in October will explore the diverse future perspectives of how we live and interact with technologies in our homes and give completely new insights into the future. In

How do you design for the end of the world? What does the future hold for the automotive industry and which innovation markets will we open up in the coming years? In addition to lectures and insights from speakers from Porsche Digital, Rasa, BCG Digital Ventures and Futures Space, hands-on workshops will be offered on

Together with unconventional thinkers, innovators and thought leaders, we are launching “Innovate! Munich” we search for new approaches to solutions. In order not only to talk about innovations, but to live them, we are guests at Google Munich. There we will shape the future of the city of Munich with exciting speakers, discussion groups and

Germany, the land of poets and thinkers, but where does the Federal Republic stand when it comes to digitisation? If you talk to entrepreneurs or the population, most of them think we are in the back third, but this is far from it! Our infrastructure, start-up landscape and technological developments say something quite different. So

On August 29, 2019, Futures Space presented a unique event on the topic of Futures of Food. In the betahaus Neukölln we took the participants on an exploration of the manifold futures and the scenarios how and what we will eat in the future. In innovative talks and workshops we dealt with nutrition systems; we

Let us talk about the different future perspectives of nutrition! Join us at our Futures Space event on Thursday, August 28, 2019 from 6pm to 10pm at betahaus Neukölln to discuss new food, food waste, urban agriculture and new technologies in food production.   Register here

Where does Germany stand when it comes to digitisation and where does digital self-image lack? At 12min.me I was allowed to show what stumbling blocks there are and how to lead the country into the future.

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